1000 Years after the Atromee Wars, Digbee is about to ENCODE the last humans into GOO banks and the human race was about to permanently split down the line it had been drawing in the sand for the last five hundred years. Pots, Sheepman and Drew, all Encoders themselves are the last four to go into the GOO. Digbee, already re-birthed into his clone many times, will be the last in, “Turning off the lights” So to speak. Since the digital reset at the start of the Wars, no AI had been able to sustain itself on earth and the ATMOS-ZONE had finally failed. Human Beings, as they like to do in history had sided up on either “New Earth, and a low tech standard terraform” Salvation, or the Edgier Another Destiny, setting forth into the Multiverse in DataBanks of GOO on Juggernaut space craft looking for places to settle. Cloning and Hostile Environment Rebirth Technology opening up many more planets to colonize than the current weak human form could sustain.

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Scorched Earth
Bishop to C4