A Faculty of Matter

Borrowing just a few years from our future, The Faculty of Matter takes us on a journey of discovery about what a dreary Manchester might look and feel like not so long from now and how a young man and woman get wrapped up in each other’s lives in a fierce love affair that trashes all traditional barriers. The power of this love might seem innocent on the surface but as we progress into the world of subconscious and dream manipulation, this book twists you around to the point where dreaming and reality blur. New worlds are discovered as Jay & Abby push harder and harder for answers, while newlywed Human & AI mash-ups could destroy their old world forever.



Meetings & Messages


The Bond

Drugs & Fake News

Authority & Compassion

Big Brother Could be Bad

Code Hack

Coincidence or Conspiricy

Chemicals & Family

The Gloves Come Off

Fight Flight & Betrayal


Hiring Hackers & Plans

Dreaming the Enemy

History Lessons From The Future Paragraph