Bishop to C4

Martin Muller stood and looked through his window. What he beheld was in his mind the pinnacle of evolution. A world, New Earth. 

Grown from hardened calkium9 crystals, it was twice the size of earth. Engineered already for internal and external habitation. He watched a hyper zoomed in Holo Column showing him images of the fast growing atmosphere algae spreading with visible speed across every surface of the planet. New earth was undergoing phase four out of seven from it’s birthing, the irony in the number not lost on Martin, except in phase seven they would not be resting! The atmosphere was slowing being created, naturally, as he had promised all the people waiting in storage on board the platforms floating in orbital data banks. Some awake in their own self created fantastical universes. Some choosing deep sleep for their stored minds with instructions to be woken only when New Earth was ready, some alternative if it failed or an emergency. Others choosing circular time periods to be woken to check on how things were going. Some would then go back into hibernation or some would stay out depending on how the internal cultures of public worlds were developing. It had after all been almost two hundred years since the first people had been encoded into the bio-banks. Limited only by their imaginations huge and crazy worlds and cultures had sprung up. Enjoying full sensory input when requested people were generally having a lot of fun. There were factions already talking about not ever wanting to be decoded, huge debates raging for years on the pros and cons. His internal augmented mind used it’s AI to just about keep abreast of what was going on through mass filtering done by other external and independent AI’s managing the bio-banks. His primary concerns were the creation of New Earth, Security against Another Destiny and perfecting the cloning and decoding process. A physically audible AI drew his attention, it was his main military commander Hillary Post


‘Another Destiny will be making their final code block transfer in four hours. This will be the last time for a while that we know when there will be a scheduled shut down of their core data encryption. Are you still willing to go ahead with your plan?’ He looked now at the woman, a clone of some forty years and still in almost perfect condition. She eyed him emotionless.

He walked away from his observation portal, the holo pillar flicking off and the window irising closed. They were on the observation deck of the orbital station Hope. Hope while heavily defended digitally and physically was a science station, four hundred thousand sq meters of research centre. The best minds the human race ever produced either fully alive and working here, or stored and evolving in bio-banks and working in collaboration with their more mobile colleagues.

Martin himself a clone after a rebirth had chosen a taller version of himself. Altering his hight genes while his blank was being grown in it’s microbial tank. His hair was jet black, medium length and perfectly parted as always. Eye deep blue, original color. He was now 6 foot four inches tall, his body kept perfectly toned over night as he slept, not muscular just toned to perfection. He craved the input of his scientists and his research centres, loathed the blight if administrative overload on his Brian and AI’s and hated even more the constant intrusion of Military matters. He was first and foremost a dreamer with a diamond hard ability to deliver on those dreams. It was this diamond hard centre that now forced his attention back to Hillary. He sighed heavily.

“Yes Hillary” he refused to use military titles in private. “I have no choice if I am to protect the long term interests of the people of New Earth. What has the Value Council voted?” The Value Council was the body appointed by the citizens of New Earth to ensure they or anybody making decisions on their behalf wasn’t doing so in a way that violated code. The code itself was built on judgements and values made long before most of its members were even in existence. Certainly long before Earth politically sterilised itself along two lines. For New Earth however there were no AI in the voters.

Driven by survival, and knowing for certain Earth wouldn’t survive; the population on earth had two choices to make. Back him and the council on creating a “New Earth” or the Council of “Another Destiny” who felt survival lay in mass exploration of habitable space and expansion beyond that of just another earth.

As such The political division had of course led to escalating hostilities until the treaty of 2222, where they had agreed to end physical engagement for fear of total sterilisation. They used the equator as the division point as there was no real difference in environments by then.

Once the population of earth went underground the mass destruction of the planet became a reality for both sides. So apart from terrorists the use of weapons of mass destruction simply fizzled out. Modern science, as soon as neutered by the completion of the standard model worked on existing science and more or less iradicated the effects of weapons that invoked physical chaos on the atomic scale. The only lasting issue unsolved and perhaps ironically the saviour until now of the human race was enforced reproductive sterilisation. It wasn’t something to be engineered out of be genome. It was simply that reproductive cell were not strong enough to withstand the wrath of Harsh Gamma Radiation Exposure.

Now the populations minds were locked inside bio-banks on different sides of old earth. His own, and that of Another Destiny who had flung out many huge space dreadnoughts into deep space with their populations stored on board. The last of those ships was about to leave but before it did, they had to open their core digital shields one more time to get the final data downloads onboard. This was his window for attack. Infiltration for now but he hadn’t deluded himself or that of the Value Council, what they were committing to was genocide by any stretch of the imagination. They package it up in tales of survival and evolution, but the turd was on the table and it wasn’t going away.

“Connect with the asset. Make it happen.” He said turning back to his rock gazing.

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