IaaS vs PaaS vs CaaS – This is a good summary of the terms and what to know. Confused by these types of pictures your tech teams keep showing you?

Almost daily I will wince in a meeting when someone blurts out IaaS and rattles of a totally home grown description to suit their own home grown form of Job Security Paranoia. Moving on from job paranoia we get to people who know about the cloud or should. And they shout out PaaS! and explain why middle ware as a service is really a PaaS. Later that day, having been through the onslaught of dodge ball with legal and compliance teams trying every way they can to think up new ways to use old ways of Contract management to apply to modern cloud, I will mention CaaS in a meeting with client, only to get a weary look from one of our architects which tells me I myself haven’t quite hit the mark on my description. At least as a purist architect would look at it. So in turn fire back my look that say’s; “Look purist motive doesn’t work in legacy FS and Insurance companies who are trying to turn their aircraft carriers in half the diameter curve they are used to so they can survive and compete.. So lay off ok!”

Off line I read this blog yesterday and thought it was pretty good and under-0pinionated about these bewildering terms we all throw around with abandon all day. The Blog

So if you’re CISO is telling you need a CASB and your Engineers are telling you you need micro-segmentation, or the business is yelling they just want a new CRM tool. You won’t get those answers in here, you will have to hire us to get those. That costs money you know!

But before you get lost with “Server-less or Functional computing” or Lambda’s (did i get that right?) read on MacDuff.

http://www.virtualclarity.com will help you through this minefield and how to get to the cloud and I promise we wont look down our noses when you don’t know the difference between a Container Runtime and Scheduler.



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