Are we past the #Turing #Test? Can #AI #learn to #love?

This is a great point, and starts to split the two words. Define artificial, something created rather than natural. If a computer has a bio processor (now possible), and through a learning algorithm (LA) built another more powerful LA then another. It then uses these LA’s that it built to create a response to a problem, human’s; unassisted, have never seen before. “Just for giggles lets say its solves the cold fusion issue” How would we classify this? We gave it the ability to build LA’s but we didn’t create the ones that solved the issue. Now if you tie in that same processors ability to read the internet data base at the speed Watson is. There is no doubt in peoples mind that the output of these things creates an form of intelligence. This is what Hawkins and Gates see. It’s inevitable. The question in my mind still remains at this stage, as it goes from LA to LA and builds its own data store of answers, is it becoming real or does it remain artificial. The Turing test is supposed to test for this. If we move past all this, then the obvious questions should surely be about emotions? Feelings? Can you learn to feel in the same way you can learn to solve a problem. If the answer is yes, then I would argue that we are enabling an Alternate Intelligence not manufacturing an artificial one?

See the full debate and contribute below.


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