AI is becoming part of our society through the #internetofthings.

The internet of things is about connecting every day devices to us, via intelligent devices that use the cloud to interpret the data the send it to us in an meaningful way before storing it some place for later review. As an author there can be no limit to what we write about the connected state of our live. Understanding when there are only four painkillers left in the pot and ensuring they are delivered the next day. Detecting pheromones in the air and politely reminding you it’s a good time to make out. Mining your bank account data to tell you your spend on indulgent hobby items was 20% higher this month and using a sensor in the timbers in the roof to tell you that soon this crack will need serious and costly attention. 

The overload of information will soon become impossible. We are already looking for cool apps to “manage” the information flow from all our connected telemetry. I think this is where AI will grow up. Because it needs our sense of judgement to effectively tell us what’s important and what’s just noise. The fire alarm in the garage is easy, but should it tell us it ordered milk and pain killers today? 

What if the milk arrives and a bot puts it in a cold box. A scan of he label telling us they made a mistake and delivered Almond milk, normally not a big issue but with with a child with nut allergies and the carton looking the same isn’t it important to tell some one? 

Why do we think speed of processing will make these judgement calls any easier. 

#aeon do another great job of exploring some of these issues. 

AI Judgment Day

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